Delonghi Dehumidifier Troubleshooting [Quick Manual]

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Delonghi dehumidifier is a beneficial device when it comes to getting rid of moisture in the air.

However, it might not always work as expected. If there are major issues, you will need to call a qualified technician to fix them. Yet, minor problems can be fixed easily by yourself.

Without further ado, let’s look at some of the most common Delonghi dehumidifier problems and their troubleshooting.

Dehumidifier is Not Turning On

First things first, check if the power cord is plugged in or not. If it’s plugged in correctly, turn on the button. Set the humidistat above “Minimum”.

When set to a minimum, the humidifier will only work intermittently. Usually, this solves the problem.

If the water tank is too full or empty or is not placed correctly, the dehumidifier will not work. Pull the tank, check the water level and reinsert it.

If your Delonghi dehumidifier is still not working, call a technician.

Power is On, but Humidity is Not Reduced

Here is the deal, your dehumidifier is turning on but fails to eliminate the humidity during hot months. The first thing you need to do is check the air filter. If the air filter is clogged, it restricts the airflow, which hinders the dehumidifier’s activity.

Here is how to fix it:

  • Clean the air filter with the help of a vacuum cleaner. If you see the growth of mold, go ahead by cleaning it with warm water.
  • Let it dry and reinstall it in the machine.
  • Turn off the defrosting device for 30 minutes and check again. It will most likely work.

Another point to keep in mind is that dehumidifiers usually do not work in large rooms or rooms with multiple humidity sources. If that’s the case, moving it to another room or removing humidity sources will do the job.

Dehumidifier Does Not Work for Initial Three Minutes

So, your Delonghi dehumidifier is not working for three minutes when it is turned on. Nothing to worry about, as it is due to the security feature of the unit.

It prevents any damage to the components of the dehumidifier. If it still doesn’t work after three minutes, try plugging it again.

If it doesn’t work, it’s time to check the humidistat. It is very easy to do so with the help of a volt-ohm meter. It will let you know whether the overflow switch is working or not.

The first step is to set the meter to the RX1 scale. The second step is to attach its leads to the terminals of the humidistat.

If it is not working, call a service technician.

Delonghi Dehumidifier Makes the Room Cold

The evaporator of the dehumidifier is made of coils that can turn cold over time as the unit runs. The moisture from the air draws across these oils and causes air condensation.

If the temperature is very cold, moisture from the air will wrap and freeze around the coils, making the room too cold.

The problem can be fixed in these three easy steps; turn off the dehumidifier, turn on the heating source in the room and finally move it to a higher location.

No Air is Coming Out of the Dehumidifier

If the Delonghi dehumidifier is turned on, but no air is coming out of it, it is a huge problem. Most likely, the motor burned out. An experienced technician can only fix such issues, and you shouldn’t attempt to troubleshoot them by yourself.

Internal Pump is Not Working

If the internal pump is not draining the water, chances are it’s broken. Here are a few steps that will help you fix it:

  • Make sure that the pump is turned on.
  • Next, check the placement of the bucket.
  • Check the height of the drain hosel. It shouldn’t exceed 16ft in height.

If everything is fine and your Delonghi dehumidifier is still not working, call for professional help.

The Dehumidifier is Not Collecting Water

There are many reasons why the Delonghi humidifier is not collecting water; frozen coils, low refrigerant, fan motor, capacitor, compressor, overload, or issues with the control board.

The most common reason behind a leak is a broken capacitor. This problem calls for an expert service.

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Some Maintenance Tips for Your Delonghi Dehumidifier

Every electronic device requires maintenance. The dehumidifier is no different. These tips will ensure your Delonghi dehumidifier is working correctly:

  • Empty the unit regularly, clean and wipe it thoroughly to prevent any mold formation
  • Always keep your dehumidifier in the center of the room
  • While using it, keep the windows open while the doors closed
  • Check-in with experts on what humidity setting is the best when using certain items (Ideally, it should be between 30 to 50%)

Final Thoughts

Even after trying all the solutions mentioned above, contact an expert technician to fix it. However, for smaller issues as listed above, we are sure you can troubleshoot the Delonghi dehumidifier on your own.

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