propane garage heater

Propane Garage Heater: Is It Safe to Use?

While you can safely use a propane heater in the garage, it does come with a few risks. So here, we’ll discuss what those risks are, should propane heaters need to be vented, and how much ventilation is needed.

alternative heat sources for power outages

10 Best Alternative Heat Sources Without Electricity

Exposure to the cold while being indoors can put you and your family at risk, especially if you have elders or children in the house. In difficult situations, when you don’t know when the power will be back, you need to find alternative ways to heat your house without electricity.

how to stop kerosene heater from smelling

How To Stop Kerosene Heater From Smelling [10 Easy Ways]

When properly used and maintained, kerosene heaters shouldn’t let out any smoke or odor. However, if neglected or if the oil is spilled, these appliances often cause issues for homeowners, letting out a strong smell that can permeate throughout the home.

flame rollout switch

Furnace Flame Rollout Switch Keeps Tripping [Troubleshooting]

If your furnace’s flame rollout switch keeps tripping, then it can not only be frustrating but also very dangerous. Thankfully modern heating systems are generally very safe, affordable, and easy to maintain. But unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that nothing can ever go wrong.

candle warmer vs burning candles

Are Candle Warmers Better Than Burning Candles?

Did you know that using a candle warmer is a cost-effective, more convenient, and safer way than burning scented candles? Read on to know more about the main advantages of using a candle warmer vs. burning a candle.