Lennox vs Rheem

Rheem vs Lennox: Which Air Conditioner To Choose?

If you’re in the market for a new AC unit, you may be wondering which brand to choose: Rheem or Lennox? In this article, we’ll compare and contrast these two brands, so that you can make an informed decision.

AC for garage without windows

7 Best Air Conditioners For Garage With No Windows

A garage with no windows can get quite stuffy and uncomfortable, making it inefficient for any type of use. If you wish to put the space to optimal use, the best way is to install an air conditioner to regulate the indoor temperature.

heat pump fan

Why Is My Heat Pump Fan Not Spinning?

Just as with any other HVAC or air conditioning system, heat pumps can also break down. In this article, we’ll find out why your heat pump fan is not spinning.