Air Purifier for Eczema

Air Purifiers for Eczema: Are They Good?

Air purifiers are generally effective in eliminating the symptoms and preventing eczema from flaring up. But you need to make sure with choosing only those high-quality ones that are worth investing in.

Air Purifier Radiation

Do Air Purifiers Emit EMF Radiation?

Air purifiers don’t emit more radiation than a cell phone and are very safe to use. However, that doesn’t mean you should just buy the first model you come across.

construction dust removal machine

Best Air Purifiers for Construction Dust

Have you renovated or constructed your home? Read the reviews of the best air purifiers for construction dust to remove fine dust particles and contaminants.

Air Scrubber vs UV Light

Air Scrubber Plus vs UV Light Technology for HVAC Unit

Wonder what’s the difference between an Air Scrubber Plus or UV lights for your HVAC system? Read about the functionality of the air scrubber and UV lights and their feature comparison in our article.

asbestos chrysotile fibers

Can a HEPA Air Filter Remove Asbestos from the Air?

Most people worldwide avoid asbestos linings because of their harmful side effects. Read the article to know the best HEPA air purifier for asbestos and what you need to look for when shopping for it.