What Temperature Kills Viruses and Bacteria?

We know that there is not a specific temperature that kills all kinds of germs. Therefore there are no set rules and regulations to kill every bacteria and virus. However, the most we can do is follow precautions and disinfect top surfaces and floors to prevent the spread of germs.

ceiling fan

How Much Electricity Does a Fan Use

Do you want to know how much electricity the fans use? This article discusses different types of fans, their wattage, and how much it costs to run them.

Febreze Professional Sanitizing Fabric Refresher

Does Febreze Sanitizing Fabric Refresher Kill Germs?

Febreze is arguably one of the most versatile household chemicals since it can kill germs and disinfect surfaces. While it may be considered safe, you still have to keep in mind that air fresheners can sometimes irritate the eyes, throat, and nose.